If you know what you’re doing, you can do what you want.

Somatic learning gives you tools that can help you learn how to move efficiently and effortlessly. Somatic learning is about you. It’s for you to learn about your habits, so that when you are moving, you are mindfully aware, acting out of choice rather than automatically, and habitually.
But how can you find these new non-habitual options to choose from? Through creatively and curiously exploring what you can do in a space where making mistakes in allowed because that’s when and where truly joyous learning takes place.

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Awareness Through Movement

Vocally Guided Somatic Learning Lessons

Awareness Through Movement is a type of Somatic Learning class where the teacher vocally guides her students, using language of instruction and invitation, into movement variations and repetitions. Through these movements, students can release tension built up in the muscles, and learn how to move effortlessly and with ease. Through variations, students are invited to learn new ways of moving that may benefit them, and may help them avoid pain and strain caused by habits of overuse of specific muscles and movements patterns.

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Is Awareness Through Movement for me?

Awareness Through Movement is for everyone. And by everyone, I mean all bodies, all abilities, sizes, races and genders. If you have a physical or learning disability, you can inform the teacher and they will have modifications ready for you.

Image Copyrighted© Sara Ismail & Reem Jalil

Why is it called Functional Integration? And, is it physical therapy? Functional Inregration

(FI) is called that because they integrate movements, sequence and physical states of being that need to be present for your aim or goal. These sessions are not a form of physiotherapy, but do have a therapeutic effect. Most clients will feel a difference from the first sessions and will come closer to their goal after a few sessions


Functional Integration

Touch-Based Individual Somatic Learning Sessions

In these individual sessions, the practitioner guides her student through series of movement sequences and combinations, aiming to release tensions and clarify relationships between elements of movement, keeping the client’s goal and aim in mind. By introducing different movement options not habitual to her client, she allows her client to move as they intend and desire.

About Me

And my Teaching Values and Methodology

I am Sara, a multidisciplinary artist, mover and somatic learning teacher.  I am an accredited Feldenkrais Method practitioner, I received my certification and training from the Feldenkrais Institute in 2016. I started developing an interest in movement in 2005 while studying for my B.A in Theatre & Performance but it wasn’t until 2013, during my masters, that I started developing a passion for somatic education.

Image Copyrighted© Sara Ismail & Reem Jalil

In my teaching, I invite my students and clients to unlearn concepts that were once necessary for coping, but may no longer of use. I mix the tangible with the poetic because I believe that one of the healing aspects of experiential anatomy is that it speaks to our sensing-feeling selves, it’s not mindless exercise, it’s mindful intentful movement.

Why Somatic Learning?

Improving Quality of Movement in Everyday Life

Somatic Learning can help you distinguish between movement that is painful and harmful, and moving in a way that is efficient and effortless. You can learn ways of moving that help you avoid pain, and move with ease and grace.

Managing Stress, Anxiety and Recurring Pain

Stress lives in the body, it is stored in the muscles. How many times have you caught yourself tensing the shoulders when worrying or feeling anxious?
Somatic Learning can help you become aware of and reverse this habitual reaction.

Self – Care or Taking the Time to Attend to Yourself

Attending to one’s self, whether by noticing thoughts or sensation is a form of self-care. Leading busy lives, we do not sense what we’re experiencing until we find ourselves burntout. Taking the time to sense and identify sensation can prevent that quick escalation.

Rehabilitating from Injury, Healing for Trauma

When we are injured, and experience trauma, it becomes difficult to trust ourselves, regardless of whether or not we’re still in painful. Somatic Learning can help us relearn how to trust ourselves and our intuition and move with ease and grace. 

حصص الوعي من خلال الحركة أونلاين

صباح الخير. كلنا عارفين إيه اللي بيحصل لما نحاول نروح حصة حركة أو رقص أو يوجا ونطلع من الحصة حاسين حلو جداً وبعدين نلبس ف زحمة، مواصلات، سواقة أو كذا حاجة من دول! ابتداء من ١٥ نوڤمبر هيكون فيه حصص فردية اونلاين الوعي من خلال الحركة. الحصص الفردية دي هتكون مصممة زي برنامج بيساعد الشخص… Continue Reading →

Online 1:1 Sessions Now Available

Hello! Because we all know what it’s like to commute to hours to go to a movement class, or a yoga class, feel really good, then by the time we get home we have lost all the beautiful effect due to traffic, public transport, driving, let alone a combination of any two! I am now… Continue Reading →

حصص نوڤمبر وديسمبر في مركز الرقص المعاصر (ملغية)

متأسفين لكا الناس اللي كانت مسجلة، اضطرينا نلغي الحصص الجماعية في مركز الرقص المعاصر حرصاً على سلامة كل الناس. تابعونا احتكال يكون فيه حصص اونلاين قريب. الحصي الفردية الاوفلاين لسة متاحة في المهندسين والزمالك والمعادي. في نوڤمبر وديسمبر، هنكمل حصص الوعي من خلال الحركة في مركز الرقص المعاصر في المهندسين. أيام الجمعة هيكون فيه كورس… Continue Reading →


Shahd Omar

Yoga Teacher

I really enjoyed Sara’s classes and found them both relaxing and extremely useful. I learnt a lot about my body in a short space of time. Sara is a very supportive presence. She has a lot of knowledge and experience, while keeping the class lighthearted.

Attended a class and would like to leave me feedback?

سلمى سامي
فنانة تشكيلية، ستايلست وصانعة ومحركة عرائس

كانت اول مره لي مع التعلم الجسدي و حصص للوعي الجسدي اعتقد انها مهمه لكل من يتحرك على الارض … خصوصا ان حصص الرياضه والرقص والتمارين متاحة لكن هذا النوع من التمارين مهم جدا وبيشعر فيه الانسان بجسده دون ألم ودون الاحساس بمشقة التمرين ..نافذه اخرى لتعرف على الجسم وامكانياته


إسلام النبيشي


الحصة كانت بتساعدني اني اعيد تكوين علاقة مع انماط حركة و هياكل في الجسم انا جربتها كتير جداً , و لكن بسرعة او من زاوية تانية , ف كان دايماً فيه حاجات بتفوتني ف ابعاد، العلاقة دي , ف التمارين اللي كنا بنعملها كانت بتساعدني اني افحص الزوايا و الابعاد اللي وقعت مني و كأني اول مرة امشي ف الطريق ده. ك راقص و حد مهتم بالحركة و استكشاف ابعاد مختلفة ليها و لجسمي , اعتقد دي كانت بتبقي حصص غنية جداً ليا و للشغل علي علاقة مع جسمي و اني اخش جواه اكتر.

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