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How does a Functional Integration (1:1 Session) usually go?

Functional Integration is a mindful, wholistic and multilayered bodywork that works on the skeleto-muscular level, as well as neurological connections. In these sessions, Sara uses different types of contact to listen to her client’s current state of being, and to invite them to explore movements that can take them closer to their desired aim, whether that is to improve / range of movement, release stress, quiet pain, or learning a movement pattern as simple as sitting and standing or complicated and specialized.

These sessions mostly use gentle but clear touch, they are not forceful and their effects are powerful. Most clients will feel a difference from the first sessions and will come closer to their goal after a few sessions.

A session usually begins with a short chat in which the practitioner and the client narrow down what they would like to work on. The practitioner then guides the client into a reference movement. 

The practitioner then uses different types of touch and manual work to help clarify parts of the movement for her client. She may use a listening touch to bring the client’s awareness to how their structure is at a specific moment. She can use a supportive touch to help her client release stress, shortness, stiffness that may cause pain. She may use a challenging touch to clarify to her client an area that needs improvement that they can work on improving. She may use a guiding or invitational touch to teach her client a new way of moving that will help them come closer to their goal. The practitioner uses repetitions and variation. Together with her client, they repeat patterns of movements that will help the client move themselves in a more effortless and painless way.

Throughout the work, the client should feel no pain. To the contrary, the client should slowly feel a relief and a sensation of lightness and length. 

Towards the end of the session, the client is then invited to feedback on what they are sensing now. The client is invited to do the reference to compare to the beginning and see how their newly acquired sensation and way of being has improved the quality or range of movement. During the feedback at the end of the sessions clients usually express a feeling of length, relaxation, release, lightness

Below is a video where one of my favorite teachers, and a real master, is doing a Functional Integration 1:1 Session

Courtesy of Feldenkrais Guild UK

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