Movin’ Maadi This Morning

Dear Sleepy Cairenes,

I promise to write more in this blog about the method! But for now, come try it. Words can only do so much. Come move with us and try for yourself!

Come join us this Friday morning in Osana Maadi at 11AM for a beginners Awareness Through Movement class. In this class we will explore gentle movements of the arms and their relation to the back and pelvis. This is for all of you whose hands are always on the keyboard! Being yourself, and possibly your hangover (we don’t promise to cure it, but you may feel better afterwards)!

Heads up! For those of you who’re always moving all day every day, join us for an intermediate Awaress Through Movement class in Osana Maadi at 2PM we will explore the spine and vertebrae and the role they play in the movement of the head.

Free consultation for first timers all day today : one-on-one 1hr individual movement lessons today and next Friday. This is for all of you who need to improve your movement for everyday life or for your passion or profession! Call Osana and ask for the Feldenkrais one-on-ones.

Have a beautiful weekend!




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