Next Friday in Osana Maadi

Dear Cairo movers, shakers, makers,

In Osana next Friday I’m teaching two Awareness Through Movement lessons, at 11AM (beginners) and 2PM (intermediate).

I am taking requests on themes from potential students. I know lots of you face lower back pain everyday, for example, we can work on improving that together.

You don’t need to be an athlete to attend the intermediate class either, you can always do it smaller and benefit from the movement still.

I am also offering FREE first consultation / one-on-one lessons. This is for those of you who need to improve their everyday movement or have insistent or chronic pain, or those of you who need to improve their movement quality for everyday functions like sitting, standing, reaching. It’s equally for those of you who would like to learn to fall, or breathe better. Call Osana and make an appointment, it’s free for a limited time!

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