Free 2-Hr Workshop @ CCDC

Dear Cairo movers, shakers, makers,

On 6 of April, 4-6 PM I will give a free 2-Hr workshop at CCDC. This workshop is for everyone!

Get to know what Awareness Through Movement is by experiencing it. Words can only do so much!

What is an Awareness Through Movement Lesson?

A practice that uses a Somatic Learning Technique that focuses on awareness and movement, highlighting the link between these two. In an Awareness Through Movement Lesson, you will be guided by the practitioner into a series of movement explorations, shedding the light on a certain movement pattern or function; sitting, standing, bending, reaching etc… This lesson aims primarily to explore various elements of movement, making it easier and effortless to perform a final movement sequence.

Within the lesson, each student is encouraged to move at their own pace, by breathing easy and facing any challenge with patience. This class helps finding new ways of moving, while encouraging a meditative quality. By recognising in ourselves how we move habitually, as well as exploring the non-habitual, we allow ourselves to have more options.

This practice can improve quality and range of movement, quiet chronic pain, improve balance and coordination.

Who is it for?

This workshop is for everyone, bring yourself, a mat and an an extra layer. You can beban experienced dancer or interested or curious without any experience moving. Essentially it would be interesting for anyone who would like to improve their movement for professional, recreational, or even basic everyday functions like sitting and standing.

Workshop Theme:

“If you know what you’re doing, you can do what you want”.

In this introductory workshop, we will use floor-work to explore movement of the torso in relation to the limbs. For a better understanding on how we stand and shift weight we will be experimenting in class with simple developmental movement such as rolling and creeping. By recognising what is a habitual movement for us and what falls outside it, we can explore both and expand our movement vocabulary to include more options for movement of the hands and the legs with as little effort as possible.

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