Long Break …

The current global circumstances have limited our movement and forced us into quarantine. I don’t know if you’ve also noticed more birds in your neighbourhood, but I’ve noticed that birds are happy that we’re using our cars less! For those of us who can afford to stay home to keep themselves safe, this may be a good opportunity for introspection.

As humans, we move diversely on a daily basis but while quarantining we all realize that even the simplest moves can be done with more awareness . While person comes up with a way to organize their daily routine and plan to spend those months during social distancing, I urge everyone to recognize that the change in their daily routine may result in new sensation. I hope that for you it means pleasant, comfortable sensations but if you experience stiffness or pain, I urge you to do something about it.

It does not matter what is your choice of time-spent on moving or feeling better may look like, what matters more is that they all serve your physical or mental health and wellbeing. Personally, I have chosen to go on a social media hiatus, so that I have time for myself, to process what is going on in the world and attend to my own change of circumstance. I got stuck away from home and several practices have helped me cope with the worldly changes.

I encourage you all to focus on your well-being and I am sharing below two YouTube videos that are easy to digest and practice.

Happy movin’!




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