Somatic Movement Classes ( Feldenkrais Method )

You may have heard the term Somatics, Somatic Movement classes, Somatic Learning. All these terms refer to the same group of movement-based practices: Feldenkrais Method, Alexander Technique and Body Mind Centering, ROLFING. These practices are highly influenced by Asian Martial Arts, Chinese Medicine, Chinese Energetics and yoga. These methods and techniques all share common principles: they encourage their participants to learn how to move with ease and efficiency, organizing their movement and action effortlessly.

Feldenkrais Method®

Feldenkrais Method, a type of somatic movement class, takes a somatic learning approach, which means that it focuses on awareness and movement, and the link between these two and action.

There are generally two different types of lessons: group lessons which are also called Awareness Through Movement. These are instruction-based classes. They are usually for any age or ability.

The second is an individual session, where as a practitioner I guide my client into movement explorations. Such explorations may help clarify different components of what they would like to work on or improve.

Why Somatic Learning?

With practice, it can help improve the quality and range of movement, or quiet chronic pain, improve balance and coordination. It can help with anxiety, and improve quality of sleep, and even digestion. It can be beneficial for anyone who would like to improve their movement for professional, recreational, or even basic everyday functions like sitting and standing.

Moshe Feldenkrais, the man behind the method, compiled, rather than invented the method. His learning process that led to his method included being a Judo master, learning Aikido and other martial arts and studying Chinese Medicine and Energetics. His method is in a way a result of his own learning process and research. It is worth noting that his privilege as a colonial officer allowed him to travel and disperse his method in the Global North.

What types of classes & sessions do I offer?

I offer a range of group classes and individual sessions to help you achieve your goal. I can help you start a movement practice at home, evolve your preexisting movement, improve the quality of your day-to-day life movement or specialized movement patterns for your hobby or career.

There are two main modalities in the Feldenkrais Method. You can learn more about these below.

Awareness Through Movement

Awareness Through Movement is a somatic movement class in which the teacher practitioner uses words, vocal guidance, to invite the student to experiment movement sequences. These movement variations helps the student improve their knowledge of themselves, their habits and preferences, which in turn helps them reduce pain and stiffness, and open up novel non-habitual movement options for themselves.

I teach Awareness Through Movement can be taught both individually & privately or in a group. If you’d like to know about latest Awareness Through Movement classes, click here.

Functional Integration

Functional Integration is a 1:1 individual movement practice where the practitioner uses touch to listen to their client’s state, clarify their habitual movement, and suggest new non-habitual ways of moving, thereby helping their client out of stiffness, pain, and the overuse of specific muscles and joints that originally led to pain and stiffness, thereby approaching both the current state, and the cause at the same time.

I am currently offering 1:1 Sessions at Nūn Center. If you’d like to know more about these sessions or would like to make an appointment, contact me or call Nūn Center.

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