Classes Are Back!

Classes are back @ CCDC Fridays 3:30-5 @Cairo Contamporary Dance Center. Themed class Falling & Rising Gracefully. More information & Register Here. Saturdays 3:30-5 @Cairo Contemporary Dance Center. General Awareness Through Movement Course. More information & Register Here.

Long Break …

The current global circumstances have limited our movement and forced us into quarantine. I don't know if you've also noticed more birds in your neighbourhood, but I've noticed that birds are happy that we're using our cars less! For those of us who can afford to stay home to keep themselves safe, this may be... Continue Reading →

Classes @ CCDC & Rohana

Dear Cairo movers, shakers, makers 2020 has kicked off with a group class at Cairo Contemporary Dance Centre. The group this time had diverse professions and life-styles, which made the teachings quite exciting. The course started mid-Jan and will last through out the following month. Customarily, I have used floor-work and mindful movement for a... Continue Reading →

A Late Update

What's been up and 2020 schedule! Dear Cairo movers, shakers, makers, In September I really enjoyed teaching open classes to you all @ Cairo Contemporary Dance Centre Maat. I also absolutely enjoyed teaching full time dance students in the Cairo Contemporary Dance Centre 3- year dance program. As one does, I took a break from... Continue Reading →

June + July Schedule

Dear Cairo Movers Shakers Makers, For those of you who want to be lighter on your feet, breathe better, move in an a more organised way and best of all, learn about what you actually can do, come to class this summer. I will be continuing to teach @Osana on Fridays 11-12 I will also... Continue Reading →

Classes Resume in April in Osana

Dear Cairo movers, shakers, makers, Group classes and one-on-one lessons will resume in April at Osana. Group classes are scheduled for Friday and Saturday mornings, please check Osana schedule for details. For a one-on-one class, I will be taking reservations on Fridays, please call Osana to reserve. Hope to see you there!

Free 2-Hr Workshop @ CCDC

Dear Cairo movers, shakers, makers, On 6 of April, 4-6 PM I will give a free 2-Hr workshop at CCDC. This workshop is for everyone! Get to know what Awareness Through Movement is by experiencing it. Words can only do so much! What is an Awareness Through Movement Lesson? A practice that uses a Somatic... Continue Reading →

See You in April?!

Dear Cairo Movers, Shakers, Makers, Classes are now on hold in March as I am taking my leave to make up some days of Feldenkrais Method training. But exciting times in April as I will be teaching in a couple of new venues, and a free workshop (tell all your cheap'o movers, shakers friends of... Continue Reading →

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