Online Awareness Through Movement Classes

I started offering 1:1 Online Awareness Through Movement classes very recently due to COVID-19. These online mindful movement classes are designed to help you heal from injury, regain mobility and flexibility. According to feedback from my clients, they found these online somatic movement classes to be both useful and convenient. By taking their classes online, they spend no time commuting to class, and still get individual attention.

Because Awareness Through Movement ( Feldenkrais Method ) uses vocal guidance, it lends itself to being a good class to do online. The client listens to my instructions, and I observe their movement and guide them through the sequences. Moving mindfully in these classes from the comfort of your home is time you dedicate to yourself to move with ease. It is first and foremost, a form of self-care.

Why Online 1:1 Classes?

Because every package is a sequence of classes tailored to your specific need. During our session, I guide your through you movement explorations and give you instant instruction. I tailor the class specifically to you, so I get to dedicate attention to your individual progress.
We dedicate time weekly to check in on where your are in relation to your needs and goals. What goals have been met, and what goals still need work in approaching.

What is a 1:1 Individual Program?

An individual program is a group of somatic movement classes (Awareness Through Movement) that I hand-pick for you to suit your needs, customized based on your goal. I create an initial plan, and as we continue our weekly 1:1. Together, we track your progress and I change the plan accordingly if need be, based on what’s giving you best results.

  • Improving quality of sleep
  • Improving a specific movement function (like getting up in the morning, or picking something up from the floor, or squatting, or performing a “body wave”)
  • Reduce pain due to overuse or misuse (like when arms hurt after typing or working on computer for too long, or feeling pain in one arm if you’re a musician and play an instrument regularly)
  • Improving range and quality of movement after an accident or physical episode (like sciatica or joint-locking)
  • Creative block or feeling that you’re not able to approach or continue with your creative project
  • Calming and Restoring the nervous system: which improves the quality of sleep, digestion and mood
What does the personal program include?

Weekly online individual Awareness Through Movement classes (Somatic Movement)
Journalling prompts for your personal follow up
Recorded Breathing Lessons (Only for Arabic Speakers)

What about pricing for 1:1 Online Awareness Through Movement?

Online 1:1 Package pricing in Egypt (and countries with similar currency power) are on a sliding scale 250-500 per class with a 20% discount for 8-class packages.

Online 1:1 Package pricing Worldwide (countries with currencies of higher power than Egypt / worldwide market-price) are on a sliding scale of 25-50 USD per class with a 20% discount for 8-class packages.

Do no hesitate to contact me to learn about discounts if you need them.

Unsure about what your goal might be? Or, want to discuss more?

You can make an appointment for a Free 30- Minute Consultation. Together, we can discuss the type of program that I can create to suit your needs or goals. It’s a good opportunity for you to ask me any general question you might have about the method.

What about Online Group Classes?

2020 was my first time to teach online, so I have only been teaching Online individual somatic movement classes (Awareness Through Movement) to make sure I dedicate my attention to my student client. I have had a few people interested in Online Group classes, so I will start teaching those in February or March 2021. If you’d like to be notified of when these classes start, subscribe to our mailing list. You can also follow our social media accounts on facebook or instagram.

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