More Awareness Through Movement

  In an Awareness Through Movement Lesson, a practitioner guides her students into a series of movement explorations which are designed to shed light on a certain movement pattern of function such as : sitting, standing, bending, reaching etc... The aim of the lesson is not to perform the movement to its full extent necessarily,... Continue Reading →

Next Friday in Osana Maadi

Dear Cairo movers, shakers, makers, In Osana next Friday I'm teaching two Awareness Through Movement lessons, at 11AM (beginners) and 2PM (intermediate). I am taking requests on themes from potential students. I know lots of you face lower back pain everyday, for example, we can work on improving that together. You don't need to be... Continue Reading →

Movin’ Maadi This Morning

Dear Sleepy Cairenes, I promise to write more in this blog about the method! But for now, come try it. Words can only do so much. Come move with us and try for yourself! Come join us this Friday morning in Osana Maadi at 11AM for a beginners Awareness Through Movement class. In this class... Continue Reading →

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