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I am Sara, a multidisciplinary artist, mover and somatic movement practitioner & teacher.  I am an accredited Feldenkrais Method practitioner, I received my certification and training from the Feldenkrais Institute in 2016. I started developing an interest in movement in 2005 while studying for my B.A in Theatre & Performance. I started learning yoga, physical theatre and martial arts back then. I attended an Awareness Through Movement course in 2008 in university but it wasn’t until 2013, during my masters, that I started developing a passion for somatic education. During that time I started paying attention to what I am sensing a feeling, and practicing self-care. Somatic Learning felt like an extension of that. It was definitely the way that Awareness Through Movement helped me heal from a complex injury and expand my capacity to learn quickly, with ease and without pain, that made me decide to start my training in 2013. Since 2016, I started teaching group classes and 1:1 sessions. At times, teaching only somatics, and at times combining somatic education with performance practice and tools for creativity. My teaching and practice is trauma informed, and vagus nerve informed. I have previously worked with students and clients who have neurological conditions, mental health conditions and mental/physical disabilities. 

I’m interested in propagating a teaching methodology that expands possibilities in everyday life through movement and bodywork for the general public as well as professional movers. I take all types of clients, I have clients who are aiming to improve the quality of their movement in everyday life, I also have clients who desire programs that are more focused towards their professional capabilities and rehabilitating from injuries, such as dancers, yogis and athletes. My teaching values moving with passion, joy, grace and patience with oneself. I encourage my student to make “mistakes” shamelessly and unapologetically because in formal education, we were taught that mistakes put us behind, we were discouraged from true fearless experimentation. It’s our learned fear of making mistakes that gets in our way of experimenting, relearning and becoming. In my teaching, I invite my students and client to unlearn concepts that were once necessary for coping, but may no longer of use.

In my teaching, I mix the tangible with the poetic because I believe that one of the healing aspect of experiential anatomy is that it speaks to our sensing-feeling selves, it’s not exercise, neither it is not corrective. 

I have a BA in Theatre from AUC, an MA in Contemporary Performance
Practice from Royal Holloway University of London.

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